Why are condos/townhouses so expensive? Why are people paying the cost of a single free standing house for what amounts to an apartment?

In my book a condo is just a step above a trailer house. Honestly, I would prefer a trailer house because then I can't hear my neighbors arguing next door or above me. So, how do they get away with charging 150k-175k for a 2-3 bedroom condo in my city when you can find 2-3 bedroom houses for 100k-185k? It doesn't make sense to me. What am I missing here? submitted by /u/weird_foreign_odor [link] [comments] NATIONWIDE HARD…

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Renters, trying to buy our neighbor’s house

Hi Reddit Real Estaters, My husband and I are strongly considering putting an offer in on our across-the-street neighbor’s house and I’m hoping some of you may have some words of wisdom to help us go about this appropriately. Some background: we are young 30s, two very young children, have been renting our current house directly across the street from the seller for 6 years. We are excellent neighbors and tenants and take exceptional care of our house and garden…

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What can I do to increase the value of my house for rental?

My wife and I are buying our first house, but because I'm in the military we'll only be able to live here for ~3 yrs before I get stationed somewhere else. It's in central California just south of San Fransisco, so the housing prices out here are insane and probably going nowhere but up. We want to hold on to the house for as long as possible in order to build equity and have as much property appreciation as possible,…

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What is too much to ask for after inspection

I recently had what I would think is a thorough inspection on a home and it revealed somethings that are concerning to me. Just curious what I can expect from seller, if anything, and what kind of strategy I should use. I've bought 4 homes in 10 years; so I've done this before. I just don't feel like I have the best realtor (company relocation). After inspection- we found: – newly replaced electrical panel doesn't have all "knockout" covers installed,…

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TAX QUESTIONS? Look here first!

Hi everybody! Tax questions come up often, and I'd like to make sure that accurate tax information is easily available. I'm going to start this off with a bunch of links to relevant information from the IRS, the only online source you should trust for US tax advice. Many of us are in the US, but if you know where the tax information for your country is, please add a link so we can be more inclusive. And remember: If…

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