I recently had what I would think is a thorough inspection on a home and it revealed somethings that are concerning to me. Just curious what I can expect from seller, if anything, and what kind of strategy I should use. I've bought 4 homes in 10 years; so I've done this before. I just don't feel like I have the best realtor (company relocation). After inspection- we found:

– newly replaced electrical panel doesn't have all "knockout" covers installed, had a wire inside that wasn't fully connected, and attic junction boxes have exposed wiring. Don't you have to get a permit and inspection for this type work?? They replaced the main federal pacific breaker; but not a sub panel in furnace room; and it has a "double tapped" breaker.

-stove was unplugged. Inspector wouldn't plug it in. All we ask is- if stove doesn't work- does the outlet?

-radon tested @ 10 pCi/L in basement with three bedrooms (no mitigation system).

I asked that all these be addressed 10 days ago and have not got my "inspections agreement form" back. I got a message from realtor that "they'll do some of the electrical", but we are waiting on an official response.

Is this an unusual response to my inquiry and/or is my response to the inspection overly demanding?

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