My wife and I are buying our first house, but because I'm in the military we'll only be able to live here for ~3 yrs before I get stationed somewhere else. It's in central California just south of San Fransisco, so the housing prices out here are insane and probably going nowhere but up. We want to hold on to the house for as long as possible in order to build equity and have as much property appreciation as possible, so renting it out after we move on is our best bet.

My question is what can we do over the next three years to increase the value of the house, driving up how much someone will pay to rent it and hopefully also decreasing potential vacancy periods. The kitchen has already been remodeled, we're having asbestos laden popcorn ceiling removed and will refinish the ceiling, and are considering taking out the paneling on the inside and replacing with drywall. What are some (relatively) small either DIY projects or contracting I can do to increase the value of the house?

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